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Yuriy Shishlov - wood carving.


Ivanovo, Russia


Yuriy Shishlov was born in 1958.

For many years he devoted himself to painting and especially portraits,
but 10 years ago Yuriy got carried away with woodcarving.

All works are made of the lime tree,
a propitious and salubrious material which radiates warmness and positive emotions.

The technique of production is the following:
First the linden plate is prepared, the initial width of the plate is 50 mm or 2 inches.
Then the drawing with pencil is made on the plate.
Afterwards with the help of cutters and chisels the relief picture is carved out.

Finally the work is grinded, painted with brushes, mordant and covered with wax.
Every stage of this production is a hand-made one.

I accept commissioned work such as
hand carved wood portraits, scenes and pictures.
Please, contact us for enquiries into your special need.






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The Tribute Money - relief wood carving

Price: $767.00 USD € 599.22

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