Tatyana Savchenko - textile dolls.
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Tatyana Savchenko - textile dolls.


Kobrin, Brest Province, Belarus

Not long ago the world of the textile doll was opened to me.
Now it is not just my hobby, but my favorite work as well.
I was really carried away by this occupation – all my free time is devoted to the interior doll.

I’m happy to share with you a part of my soul.
It is a doll which can bring you back to childhood, especially a hand-made doll created with heart warmth.
All the dolls are so cuddly, real, that they have their own names and history.

Usually one asks to make a doll especially for him as a talisman for luck.
Frankly speaking, people thanked me many time
and told about wonders that had happened with them
after the little friends had appeared in their homes.

If you believe in your doll, you will believe in a fairy tale.
These kind stories have a happy ending.
I think that is how everything goes on earth.
It is extremely easy: to love, to breathe, to work, to be happy
and to know that you are the main character of the best fairy tale in the world.

I put a small heart into every doll.


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The Good Witch - textile doll

Price: $138.00 USD € 107.81

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