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Olga Garaeva - Art dolls.


Moscow, Russia


Olga Garayeva, native of Moscow (Russia),
graduated from the Theatre and Art School, “Artist and Puppet-Maker” major.
At present time she is active in her profession in Moscow Children’s Marionette Theatre.

With her self-designed projects Olga participated in different national and international exhibitions.
She makes her dolls of different materials, such as fabric, hard plastic, wood, metal.
Puppets which used to be just a hobby, grew into passion and became an integral part of Olga’s life.

“The marionette for me is a companion, with its temper, feelings and emotions” says Olga Garayeva.



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Alter Ego - papier-mache Art doll/mask

Price: $307.00 USD € 239.84

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