Kseniya Burzalova - designed jewelry.
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White Hohloma (Khokhloma) - felt boots (valenki)
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Kseniya Burzalova - designed jewelry.



I design and make exclusive jewelry with beads and semi-precious stones.

I started with simple friendship bracelets from beads and threads for myself and friends.
In 2009 I encountered something more complicated and unusual, which struck me.
The same day I started searching for any information about this technique.
Gradually I learned more and more and I was happy to find my creations admired and wanted. 

My creativity is the way to express myself. 
It is not easy to make such a thing, but I always enjoy the process and am eager to see the result.

I make my creations with high-quality beads, precious and semi-precious stones, Swarovski, ivory, fossil shells, leather, pearls, etc.
I also enjoy working with precious and semi-precious stones because each of them has its own charm and unique beauty.

I embroider with beads and stones on purses, shoes, belts or necklaces and bracelets.
I also can create things especially for you by your idea.

Do not hesitate to share what you want, and I will fulfill it. 



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Hummingbird - necklace

Price: $329.00 USD € 257.03

Hummingbird - belt

Price: $643.00 USD € 502.34

Hummingbird - purse

Price: $870.00 USD € 679.69

The Queen Of The Night - necklace and earrings

Price upon request

Amira - necklace

Price upon request

Flames - necklace

Price upon request

A Stranger - necklace

Price upon request

Iemanzha - necklace and earrings

Price upon request

Laetitia - necklace

Price upon request

Flower Petals - necklace

Price upon request

Isabel - necklace and earrings

Price: $569.00 USD € 444.53

Olivia - necklace and earrings

Price upon request

Luiza - necklace and earrings

Price upon request

Laetitia - purse

Price upon request

Pocahontas - necklace

Price upon request

Oliva - necklace and bracelet

Price upon request

The Queen Of The Sea - necklace

Price upon request

The Red Autumn - necklace

Price upon request

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