Tatiana Alieva - traditional Russian dolls.
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Tatiana Alieva - traditional Russian dolls.


Moscow, Russia

I inherited love for craft from my grandmothers and through my mother.
Granny Maria could make any garment; Granny Tatiana did patchwork, knitting; my mother could embroider well.
In my family we still treasure those things they
From all of them I learned skills and knowledge which I now use to create dolls.

Four years ago I encountered a Russian traditional folk doll,
and since then I have devoted my life to knowing everything about all kinds of these dolls.
I take part in seminars, master-classes, research and
To understand making dolls better, I had to learn about Russian culture (costume, life, mythology, traditions, rituals, festivals, etc.).

My heart belongs to textile dolls.
The most important feature of such a doll is that it is cuddly, soft;
you want to hold it because it brings comfort and harmony.
I prefer natural materials, such as linen, cotton, wool, leather.
I also believe that hand stitching gives more satisfaction in work.
For my dolls I crochet, embroider in traditional Russian manner and make patchwork. 
Working on each creation, I realize that each of them comes out with their own character and soul.



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The Girl With A Braid - textile doll

Price: $44.00 USD € 34.38

Travnitsa Sachet - textile doll

Price: $24.00 USD € 18.75

The Happiness In Your Hands - textile doll

Price: $11.00 USD € 8.59

Babka - Grandmother - textile doll

Price: $49.00 USD € 38.28

The Girl With A Baby Hare - textile doll

Price: $12.00 USD € 9.38

The Girl With A Braid - textile doll

Price: $36.00 USD € 28.13

Ded and Baba - Grandfather and Grandmother - textile doll.

Price: $74.00 USD € 57.81

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