Uva - fashion jewelry.
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Uva - fashion jewelry.

 Borgarnes, Iceland

Hi, I am Uva and I live in magical Iceland.

Handcrafting is what I like to do most.
The process of creating something beautiful from raw wool, silver, volcanic sand, stones etc. never fails to fascinate me and brings thrill to my life.
Using raw and unprocessed materials from nature excites me a lot, as well as challenges my creativitity.

I make silver jewellery and felt, as well as knit, crochet and sew.

After I had moved to Iceland from Russia,
I became absolutely enchanted with the beauty of Icelandic nature and its powerful vibes
and now I adore working with Icelandic wool, lava stones and volcanic sand.

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Silver lace and frothy lava necklace with garnet

Price: $52.00 USD € 40.63

Silver butterfly earrings with pearls

Price: $47.00 USD € 36.72

Silver stick earring with garnet

Price: $42.00 USD € 32.81

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