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Tatyana Soldatova - embroidery.

Golytsino city, Moscow oblast, Russia.

Welcome to my page.

I am a Master of an almost forgotten technique of machine embroidery,
which was very popular in Russia in the early to mid-20th century. 
But do not be confused by the name.
A computer does not do the work for me.  
The “machine” is manually operated.
I move the frame with fabrics to make the stitch that I need, and I choose how to lay the stitches.
I believe that creating in a good mood makes the work kind.
I share my soul with my work, and thinking about the person for whom I am doing this, fills my work with good magic.

Manual machine embroidery is always unique, as well as painting with live strokes:
to make an identical copy is simply impossible.
A computer program has a design in its memory and makes as many copies as you wish,
but such works have no soul, no personality, and thus no life in it.

In my works, I use original designs of the early and mid-20th century (vintage),
preserved in our family from my grandmother as well as my own designs.

 I hope you will find my works pleasant to wear.

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Summer - dress, handmade embroidery

Price: $295.00 USD € 230.47

Baby Dress -Duet

Price: $146.00 USD € 114.06

Pinafore dress Sea Breeze

Price: $288.00 USD € 225.00

Tunic Sunflower seeds - Semechki

Price: $196.00 USD € 153.13

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