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Dear guests!

You’ve got a unique opportunity to become one of the owners of these elaborate pieces
of minuature art made of bronze by Kudelya-Master from Nizhnekamsk (Russia).

These figurines celebrate the traditions of the Old Russian Metalwork Craftmanship.




The whole process –
from thinking out the design to implementing the idea in some exclusive metal item –
is executed by Master himself, with his own hands.
So, each item is designed, formed and decorated manually.
Thus the number of these miniatures is very limited.
And, besides, Kudelya-Master has only two hands.




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Archer - bronze

Price: $485.00 USD € 378.91

Novgorod Militiaman - bronze

Price: $270.00 USD € 210.94

Conquistador - bronze

Price: $270.00 USD € 210.94

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