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Moscow, Russia


My name is Eugenia.
I’m a wife and a mother of a young daughter Kathreen.

I like jewelry and I like doing something with my own hands a lot.
One day, few years ago I suddenly realized that I desperately needed a felted necklace.
However, I couldn’t find the one that fully suited my very simple requirements – an interesting design, a perfect quality, a reasonable price.
So I’ve decided to make it myself !
I found out that creating it was a very interesting process and I got fascinated with felting very deeply.

When my friends and colleagues asked me to make something for them, I hit upon an idea that I can incarnate my creative potential and at the same time, sell some of my jewelry to invest into my professional growth.
So, currently being on maternity leave, I’m making felted necklaces, bracelets etc., sitting in the far gone night.

Hope you will enjoy my creations.



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Necklace - Silky Way

Price: $82.00 USD € 64.06

Necklace - J'Dore

Price: $82.00 USD € 64.06

Necklace - Passion

Price: $82.00 USD € 64.06

Necklace - Betsey

Price: $85.00 USD € 66.41

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