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Atelier - Quilt - patchwork quilts.



Yoshkar-Ola, Russia



My name is Faina Gavrilova and I am 55 years old and a civil engineer by training.
I live in Yoshkar-Ola, the capital city of the Mari El Republic in Russia.

I started to do patchwork about 12 years ago.

I always liked to create something unusual, bright, and unique.
I had started with sewing small napkins, cushion covers, wall hangings, table cloths, and then I turned to quilting.

I’ve taken Quilting and Patchwork classes at the Russian Museum of Ethnography in St Petersburg, Russia, where I was studying various methods of making quilts.
The play of colours, pattern diversity and the possibility to create a quilt by my own hands – these are the things which fascinate me the most.
I find my inspiration playing freely with fabric, colours and shapes.
To create a top layer of quilt I apply both the classical patchwork technique – joining pieces of fabric into equal blocks 12.5” x 12.5”, and the Appliqué technique.
Only natural fabrics are used.

Batting is made of hygienic polyester which allows to machine wash the quilts without deformation.
I hope my quilts not only make you warm physically, but also bring some good mood.

From Russia – with love.



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