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Tihiy Yury - wood carvings.


Lugansk, Ukraine

I live in Lugansk, Ukraine.

I started my art studies at school, at special art class.

After high school I took serious interest in music, playing percussion in a band.
At the same time I was making my living working at different factories (assembling scuba-diving equipment, among other things).  
Later I worked as a manager at a foundry and subsequently – as the foundry Vice Director.

For all those years I had been longing to return to art but the lack of time and my fear of not being able to support my family were holding me back.
In 2000 I made the ultimate decision to go back to art after a serious illness in my family had trigged a major reappraisal of values.

Nowadays my works can be found all over the world.
However, my art is mainly devoted to France.
The mayors of two French municipalities - Roche-la-Molière
and Chanos-Curson –
have sponsored a big project for their churches (series of carvings “Via Dolorosa” in particular)
and have become my friends.

I absolutely love what I do.
The process of creation brings a lot of positive energy and emotions into my life.
I hope you will like my art too, since every item carries a part of my soul and warm energy of wood.

I accept commissioned work such as hand carved wood portraits, houses, street scenes,
favorite places or anything you wish.
Please, contact us for enquiries into your special need.
Do not forget to include photos when possible.



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Cityscape Roche la Moliere 1901. France.

Price: $792.00 USD € 618.75

Portrait Le pere Philippe Deleqge

Price: $792.00 USD € 618.75


Price: $1,405.00 USD € 1,097.66

St. Anna

Price: $2,064.00 USD € 1,612.50

St. Anastasia

Price: $1,450.00 USD € 1,132.81

Christ The Saviour in kiot

Price: $1,450.00 USD € 1,132.81

God's Embrace

Price: $1,283.00 USD € 1,002.34

The Quick-to-hear - Skoroposlushnica

Price: $1,160.00 USD € 906.25

St. Nicholas

Price: $1,160.00 USD € 906.25


Price: $1,160.00 USD € 906.25

Christ The Saviour

Price: $1,160.00 USD € 906.25

The Last Supper

Price: $2,677.00 USD € 2,091.41

Via Dolorosa - Stations Of The Cross

Price: $1,405.00 USD € 1,097.66

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