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Kishinev, Chisinau, Moldova


Diana Taran was born on 1st of May 1974, in Ştefan Vodă, a small town in Moldova, but has been living in Chisinau since 1980.

In 1989 Diana graduated from the Schusev Children’s Art School with distinction.
She carried on her art studies at the Repin Republic College of Art and Teachers Training (later renamed Plamadeala College)
and then at the State Pedagogical University “Ion Creanga”, the Faculty of Arts and Design, Chisinau, Moldova.
She graduated from the University in 2003.

Nowadays the art works of Diana Taran can be found in her native Moldova, in Russia and in private collections abroad.
The artist has her own style and takes part in numerous art exhibitions.

Diana has a passion for ballet and the whole series of her paintings dedicated to it.
Ballet has become a focal point of her art.
The artist uses a unique technique – oil paint in combination with water colours – to make the paintings airy and ethereal.

It is impossible to describe ballet movements by words – one must get a feel.

“For me, ballet presents not only physical perfection, but also a beauty of soul; it is the sea of feelings.
My dream is to gladden people by my paintings, bringing light and beauty in their life” – the artist says.

Diana Taran uses different techniques in her art – water colours, oil paint, tapestry, batik, interior painting. 
She also creates handmade fashion jewellery


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Sunflowers - tapestry

Price: $1,104.00 USD € 862.50

Pitchers From My Childhood - tapestry

Price: $1,595.00 USD € 1,246.09

Spring Fairy

Price: $1,080.00 USD € 843.75


Price: $925.00 USD € 722.66


Price: $1,155.00 USD € 902.34

Flora - tapestry

Price: $1,455.00 USD € 1,136.72

Poppy seed - tapestry

Price: $1,302.00 USD € 1,017.19

Iris - tapestry

Price: $1,302.00 USD € 1,017.19


Price: $619.00 USD € 483.59


Price: $619.00 USD € 483.59

Dancing Ballerina

Price: $619.00 USD € 483.59

Swan Lake

Price: $697.00 USD € 544.53


Price: $619.00 USD € 483.59


Price: $697.00 USD € 544.53

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