Grigoriy Klyuchnik- felted dolls.
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Svetlana Romanova
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Pink Roses - sheep wool, acrylic, rayon
Natalya Netronina - neelde felted paintings and oil paintings on velvet.

Grigoriy Klyuchnik- felted dolls.



Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine



Thank you for the opportunity to introduce you to my felted Dolls.
I've been creating in the felting technique for many years, and I try to achieve a perfection in every doll that I create.
Member of Ukrainian Association of Doll Artist.


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Little Napoleon. Kids Games

Price: $435.00 USD € 339.84


Price: $496.00 USD € 387.50

Waiting for Inspiration

Price: $496.00 USD € 387.50

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