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Vera Sorokina - felted dolls.


Moscow, Russia


Welcome to my personal page.
My name is Vera Sorokina, I live in Moscow. 
Making woolen toys has been my passion for several years already.
When I first saw such toys made my other craftsmen,
I was greatly surprised that a three-dimensional toy can be made from a shapeless piece of wool
using a special needle, and these toys look real and feel warm to the touch.
I found a tutor, and after some time started making my first toys.
I can already say, with great pride, that my toys have an interesting and happy destiny:
they have found their owners and are now living in private collections on Russia, the USA, Great Britain, and Singapore.

I love cats and make them very often.
A cat is a wonderful creature that looks infinitely different and can assume an infinite number of poses.
I make cats and dogs after photos of real pets, and this is why they look so real.
I aim at observing all proportions and peculiarities of a real animal.

I seek to master new artistic technologies all the time, so my collection includes both Teddy bears (my new hobby) and felt fruits.

All my toys are unique.
I never duplicate them. 


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Rudy The Bear - felted doll

Price: $454.00 USD € 354.69

Decorative fruits

Price: $196.00 USD € 153.13

Umka - The Polar Bear - felted doll

Price: $214.00 USD € 167.19

Alisa The Cat - felted doll

Price: $177.00 USD € 138.28

Bella The Cat - felted doll

Price: $570.00 USD € 445.31

Arisha The Cat - felted doll

Price: $190.00 USD € 148.44

Lucky - The Labrador Puppy - felted doll

Price: $214.00 USD € 167.19

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