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Vologda, Vologodskaya oblast, Russia

Nikolay Serov - The Marquetarian

I was born in the town of Sokol, Vologda Region; there have been many artists in my family.
My grandfather was a famous cabinet-maker, and my grandmother was a lacemaker.

My fascination with different kinds of ornamental art when I was in school; everything was interesting: wood engraving, relief sculpture, stamping.

A painting which I saw when once I was visiting a friend made a really powerful impression on me.
It was a small work dedicated to the Russian folk tales,
cut out of pieces of different species of wood and recomposed like a puzzle into a whole picture.
What surprised me then was how the author was able to make the colours play and match the texture using only natural wood and no dyes?
Years later, I learned that this had been my first encounter with marquetry.
I have spent years and decades studying this art and mastering it;
I have read special literature and sharpened the skills required for working with pieces of precious and rare species of wood.
Surprisingly, I have no education, even from an art school.

Collectors wishing to buy marquetry should pay special attention to the species of wood used.
Only natural wood must be used.
Modern technologies allow to dye wood veneer; it would seem that the painting should then become brighter and saturated.  
But this is merely an illusion: natural is natural.
Many manufacturers of natural wood veneer also give fineline (natural veneer substitute) out as wood veneer.
Fineline cannot be used for exclusive works, because it is only an imitation of natural veneer.
For exclusive works, only natural veneer is used, and only from rare species of wood:  
kingwood, lacewood, movingui, sycamore, padouk, etc.

There are now practically no masters working in this technique.
My works are reposited in private collections both in Russia and in other countries.



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