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Moscow, Russia


My name is Svetlana. I was born on Sakhalin island in 1972, spent my childhood beyond the Arctic Circle,
married a Georgian and have been living in Moscow for more than 20 years.

Woodcarving has been my hobby for not more than six years.
I have never dreamed of carving flowers, or caskets, or kitchen utensils.
The carved icon was the one which pushed me to try a cutting tool.


From my childhood I was fond of drawing, sculpturing;
easily and heatedly I mastered different types of decorative and applied arts, but I’ve never studied it professionally.
In my school time during my visits to Moscow, I used to comb museums and stroll all over miles and miles of ancient streets,
studied thoroughly manorial and merchant mansions.
Grown up I’ve self-mastered painting in oils, embroidery and other ladies’ fancywork.

I’ve never been particularly religious, although I’m rather good at religion history, ecclesiastical architecture and icon painting.
But I lost my peace when once I saw small, almost black because of time, ancient carved icons in the State Historical Museum.
I even dreamed the icons in my night dreams.

So that is the story how I gained such a rear lady’s profession of a wood carver.
Of course I have to learn a lot in this profession but self-perfection is the charm of the point!


Wedding icons, icons of saints, family and church icons can be made to order.

5% discount on orders larger than 1000 USD.



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Guardian Angel - carved icon

Price: $139.00 USD € 108.59

Christ Pantocrator and Mother of God Assuage My Sorrows - carved icons

Price: $417.00 USD € 325.78

St. Nicholas the Wonderworker - carved icon

Price: $785.00 USD € 613.28

St. Nino, Equal of the Apostles and Enlightener of Georgia - carved icon

Price: $306.00 USD € 239.06

The Andronikov Icon of the Mother of God - carved icon

Price: $417.00 USD € 325.78

Angel With The Golden Hair - carved icon

Price: $607.00 USD € 474.22

Mother of God Assuage My Sorrows - carved icon

Price: $490.00 USD € 382.81

O Theotokos, Thou Art The True Vine - craved icon

Price: $785.00 USD € 613.28

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