Lyudmila Osipova - ribbon embroidery.
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Lyudmila Osipova - ribbon embroidery.


Ulianovsk, Russia


Welcome to the beautiful and fascinating world of ribbon painting!

It is one of the most  refined and delicate types of fancywork!

I live in Ulyanovsk, an old city on the bank of the great Volga river.

It was a rather hard period in my life, when I discovered ribbon painting to myself.
This fancywork inspires me up to present day.
And thanks God, my senior inspirer, He gave me the skills, but I’ve never sewed or embroidered before.
All my works are custom designed.

Welcome to my amazing world of nature!


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The Mallow

Price: $265.00 USD € 207.03

The Rose

Price: $151.00 USD € 117.97

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