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 Krasnoarmeisk, Moskovskaya oblast', Russia

Was born in 1962 in the city of Kazan, but have grown in the city of Krasnoarmeysk, Moscow region.
Graduated from the Moscow State University of Culture and Arts (1988).
Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia (1993), Member of the International Art Fund (2002).
Exhibits of my work have been shown since 1988 throughout many parts of Russia.
My paintings are in State, private and corporate art collections in 15 countries on four continents.

To my mind the main thing in a landscape is to reproduce not only the state of nature
but the state of a soul delighted with this nature.
When I look at my paintings I can remember very vividly the day they were made,
remember how the grass smelled and the sun shined,
remember when a dragonfly alighted on my hand and a lizard sneaked past my foot.
I do my best to paint landscapes so the viewers could feel my memories together with me.

In a still-life I’m attracted by the beauty of the figured things most.
That is why I’m fond of painting antique tinware.
You can see chalices and korchiks, flagons and cup-a-soup, kratirs and ladles
and many other things that used to be an integral part of the everyday life,
but which are almost forgotten nowadays.
I’d like the spectator, who is looking at my paintings, to be astonished at the noble beauty of these things,
catch the aroma of antiquity,
and feel the harmony the quiet life of things, the fine man’s creations.

The art is the main part of my life.
It’s not easy to be an artist.
I have to share a part of my soul to reproduce my feelings and impressions.
It’s rather difficult to be an artist in the everyday life,
as an artist is a man with naked nerves and sharp emotional reactions.

I’m a realism supporter as to my mind only the realism is able to convey emotions most vividly and exactly,
and besides it helps to feel the admiration of the artist.
Nature is unique and unrepeatable;
to argue with nature trying to upgrade or transform it is something coming from the mind but not the heart.
But I try to paint with my heart…



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Pafnutievo-Borovsky Monastery The View From The Ponds

Price: $613.00 USD € 478.91

The Quite Water

Price: $797.00 USD € 622.66

The Autumn At The Novodevichy Convent

Price: $859.00 USD € 671.09

The Evening Near Krasnoarmeysk

Price: $981.00 USD € 766.41

The Evening In July Young Crescent Moon.

Price: $920.00 USD € 718.75

The Evening In July On The River Vorya

Price: $920.00 USD € 718.75

The Evening View At The University

Price: $981.00 USD € 766.41

Hot Summer in Rome

Price: $797.00 USD € 622.66

Sunflowers and Cranberries

Price: $1,043.00 USD € 814.84

Autumn Leaves and a Sheep-Kvasnik

Price: $920.00 USD € 718.75

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