Pit - wooden items.
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Pit - wooden items.


Moscow, Russia



My name is Pit.

For as long as I can remember, I've been dreaming of having a shop full of items I would believe to be magical.
Some people call such items artifacts, and some people call them just funny things.
But call them anything you like, they still remain boxes, chests, dip pens, tubes, and folios.
I am a self-taught artist, but I would like to believe that the direction of my work is a recreated magical Middle Ages.

In the process of my work, I have observed the childish admiration with which people are looking at the splendid unicorns,
magnificent dragons, griffons, dangerous gargoyles or snakes in an elaborated ornament on yet another box or case.
Having admired them, a buyer who only visited the shop out of curiosity,
is eager to take the precious artifact with them, and I understand them pretty well.

My shop has helped me to understand that magic does not pass with years; one can and must remind of it... 


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The Box

Price: $89.00 USD € 69.53

Tube for storing rolls

Price: $83.00 USD € 64.84

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